Following the success of “No Strings Attached,” published in Kaltblut magazine, Jury Krajcik decided to create a sequel with a new extensive film work .

The simplistic but yet authentic aim was to capture the pure excitement when going out with your friends.
“I decided to cast the same models from the previous story as well as introduce new faces. I’m happy that I could bring a good friend of mine to this editorial. Model Liam Jay Ward has a real talent.

I was amazed at how easy it was to collaborate with Liam because he was able to understand and connect with my ideas quickly. Simply, what we created together is magic! That energy during this work will surely stay with me for a long time,” says the photographer.
Liams adds “Creativity isn’t just about your ideas but the delivery of your performance, inject your brand of attitude and enjoy the fresh air received by people who enjoy the making of art.

Working with Jury is a blessing: being allowed full creative autonomy over oneself is one of the few privileges of working with this man.

Your character is your essence, so when a man like Jury says, BE YOURSELF, this is music to my ears. That’s when the fun begins, that’s when time flies, that’s when it becomes more than work, or a hobby - it’s a passion, it’s a lifestyle.

I loved every second spent creating magic with my co-partner, it’s the type of team link up that makes you feel like a navy seal of your profession. Knowing that the person & the tools you’re working with allows you to be at the peak of your game changes the energy to a whole new level. This is the type of clique I want to be part until until I drop” Liam closes.

Jury continues: “Since the last story in Kaltblut magazine, I have received many requests from models to take part in this night series. However, I declined all of them. It is important to me to work with someone who is not just professional or showing me what they have been able to accomplish so far in their career. I usually handpick the models because I know they will fit in the story but they will be able to bring a new dimension too. I do appreciate all the models I have worked with because of their time, their personality and creativity.

This new sequel took a whole month to produce as photographs were taking in a variety of locations: Bangkok, Phuket and new shooting spots in Thailand.

“I didn’t plan too much where we were going to take all the photos. We went with the flow of what felt right in the moment. Some of the shots happened in Chinatown, others were taken close to the area I lived, or spontaneously, after two hour drive away, in Pattaya. There was a laundry service at night; unusual but exciting to explore the possibilities.

Since I started with the night film series in 2021, it was clear to me what I wanted to express: my heart and energy is in Thailand, at this very moment with the people around.

“Heated” is a spontaneous and creative story. I would even say it is my signature work: no plans, no mood boards, just myself and models having fun by following our passion. This is such an enjoyable way to take these images. When I created this story, I wanted people to recognize the way I take my pictures, through texture, angles and the story itself so that everyone who sees my work could say that this was taken by Jury Krajcik.
As a professional photographer, I want to feel free and be myself so that I can express myself in the most authentic way possible. It is then a real pleasure to observe the models explore and experience the same feeling. This has definitely sparked more ideas for the future, this story has only begun…” Jury adds.